Foodie Friday: Star Wars Original Stormtrooper Flavouring

I’ve found another Disney/Lucas Film product in the wild. This time I was picking up a few food items in my local Shoppers Drugmart when I happened across these two Original Stormtrooper flavouring sets on sale for just $17.99 each (half the usual price).

I don’t like hot sauce and never taint my coffee with flavoring, so I left them on the shelf for someone else who would appreciate the taste sensations. You know, someone adventurous and weird. But I knew they’d make a great Foodie Friday post, so:

Dig Those Puns

I don’t think I’m ready to “Embrace my Hot Side” just yet! Apparently Stormtroopers are Galaxy-famous for their hot sauces. Who knew?

Andrew Ainsworth designed the now iconic Stormtrooper helmet in 1976. It endures to this day as one of the coolest helmets that just so happens to be part of the most useless armor of all time.

And speaking of time, it’s Coffee Time:


Does the Dark Side have a sweet side? As Rebels, we may not live long enough to find out! But at least there is a flavourful cup of java (the Hut) to drink while we wait for the Empire to Strike Back. Hey. They use puns, I use puns.

Shepperton Design Studios is still in business and creating weird and wonderful things based on classic movie franchises.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to prepare for the Return of the Java. I’m not sorry.

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