Great Moments In Radio – Volume 2 LP Record

And so we start another year.

Great moments in history come and go so fast that we tend to misremember the details or outright forget their importance altogether. We may remember notable quotes when it comes time to play a trivia game, but we fail to make the connections to the way the world was when such quotes were first spoken.

When I saw this LP record in the bargain bin of a local charity shop, I thought it might be good for gaining some perspective into the past:

This LP record contains great moments in time from famous radio broadcasts that aired between 1936 and 1943. You may recall that the Second World War began and raged during this time period.

We have six sections to enjoy: Comedians; Adventure Shows; Sports Coverage; News Broadcasts; Prelude to War; and World War II Reports.

But we start off light with Narrator Jack Benny setting the stage by reminding us what it was like to have only a radio for entertainment back in the day:

Jack Benny Introduction

We also learn about the importance of sporting events for distracting us from the stresses of the world. Was it better to be there or to hear about it? Below is the introduction to this section:

Great Moments in Sports

The LP concludes with two very sobering sections on war. We have almost all of the famous political statements, speeches, and announcements about WWII and its impact on the people on this globe:

World Conflict

If you ever wanted to hear the ‘Day of Infamy’ speech or what was said during the momentous events of a great battle, Side 2 is for you!

The back liner notes play up the fun and humor of the record, but fully half of the time focuses on more serious things. All in all, it gives a well rounded look at a period in history that changed many lives, and not all for the better.

I would recommend this LP record, and the series it is a part of, for any homeschooling program. And for more history, please check out my earlier post on Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, a record of the Disney attraction that debuted at the New York World’s Fair.

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