Precious Moments Disney ‘Together’ Figurine

My wife and I can relate to this figurine. We often recline on the couch (or sofa, depending on where in the world you relax) in this exact way!

The full name of this Precious Moments figurine is ‘Together Is the Nicest Place To Be’, featuring none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Now, is this comfortable for both the man and the woman? Careful gentlemen. It’s a trap! It’s a silly question. Of course no one’s legs go to sleep!

Did you notice who had the remote for the television? You already know the answer, but to confirm if you’re right, you can scroll back up and check the first picture.

Together Is the Micest Place To Be

This figurine is already ten years old as of this posting. How time flies when you’re just sitting on the couch/sofa doing nothing… together.

FUN FACTS: The 2012 manufacturers mark for Precious Moments figurines was a box with a bow. But in this case, you can see that it’s a gloved hand, pointing. This is obviously Mickey’s famous appendage, becoming a Special Mark used for this, a Disney Showcase Collection piece.

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