Disney Traditions Tinker Bell ‘Pouty Pixie’ Sculpture

Disney Traditions collectible figurines designed by Jim Shore combine the magic of Disney with the traditional motifs of handmade folk art. You either love them or hate them! I feel that some characters lend themselves well to this artistic treatment while others not so much.

This Tinker Bell ‘Pouty Pixie’ sculpture is definitely one of the good ones:

The legs and arms give the figure a carved look. This seems particularly appropriate as Tinker Bell is a woodland creature.

I think the biggest problem some have with this line of merchandise and the design is the random curvy scrollwork and bold geometric patterns. But with Tinker Bell, this actually works well. It creates a whimsy that fits the character perfectly.

“What are YOU looking at?”

Nothing Tink. And that dress does NOT make your butt look big!

Enesco produced this sculpture for the Walt Disney Showcase Collection. It was made in China for decorative use only. She stands just over 12″ tall and was first introduced in 2010.

For another look at this sculpture, sort of, please check out my earlier post entitled Tinker Bell Shadow. It has a bit of an attitude!

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