Photo Spot: Disneyland Faux Architecture

This Photo Spot post is a twofer. I’m constantly amazed at the faux architecture at Disney Parks. The level of detail the Imagineers put into every nook and cranny is obsessive to say the least, but it pays off in the presentation department!

These two close up shots of wall details are good examples:

The picture on the left even has fake damage with a ‘repair’, and the picture on the right has plant growth that is made to look like the area is being overgrown due to lack of care.

Add in applied patina and aging tricks and you have new construction that looks decades, if not hundreds of years, old. And thusly Disney takes Guests from today, not only to distant lands, but to other times!

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  1. Wow, that is really amazing. So much dedication for all those small details – it all plays in the result of a one of a kind experience, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your detailed look 🙂

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