Disney Cruise Line Pirate Party Mickey Ears

Almost, if not all, Disney Cruises have a Pirate Party on deck which culminates in fireworks at sea. We were looking forward to both events when we embarked on our first, and only, Disney Cruise back in 2015 to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

As it turned out, we missed both events because we got very ill and ended up quarantined in our cabin for three of the five days of our cruise! But before that happened, we hit the gift shops and bought Pirate headgear:

This is actually the cap that my wife bought to wear. It’s like a bandana with Mickey Ears. I think it makes me look very salty indeed!

Obviously a one-size-fits-all cap as it has an elastic rim and simply pulls over your head, no matter how big it may get, as you successfully scourge the seven seas!

For a blow-by-blow commentary on how our first and only Disney Cruise went, check out my 6-part series entitled First Disney Cruise. The link will take you to Part One with each subsequent post being available via a link at the bottom of each post. Bon Voyage! Or not. You’ll see.

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