Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Fan

Florida summers can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 C). That’s hot! So visitors to Walt Disney World need a way to keep cool. Other than jumping into the Seven Seas Lagoon, or a fountain, and being arrested!

Enter the Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse fan:

The body of the fan has a nice curve to it so that it fits comfortably into the hand of the user. And it has Walt Disney World written on it in case you forget where you bought it or where you are while using it.

The head of the fan can tilt back so that you can hold the body of the fan level and still have the blades directed at your face.

You can carry this around in your hand, wear it around your neck, or clip it to your belt or backpack. But if you choose the neck option, good luck using it:

Here’s a brief video to show the fan in action:

This device uses two AA batteries that are placed in the body by undoing a screw in the bottom. You remove the panel to remove old batteries and insert new ones.

This is a fairly powerful fan for the size. It doesn’t have a misting feature that has become so popular in the hot Florida summers.

For more fun with fans, check out my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Candy Fan for a tasty twist on staying cool!

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