Karina’s Shining Stars Disney Cup Sleeve

We recently celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary and received some very nice gifts from friends and family. What do you get the Canadian who has everything?

A Karina’s Shining Stars Disney cup sleeve to keep his Tim Hortons coffee warm, that’s what:

This was hand made by a local crafter specifically for Tim Hortons cups, although I’m sure they’d fit other brands as well, both Canadian and American (Dunkin Donuts, anyone?)

I’m showing the sleeve with a large cup. This sleeve would fit a medium if you pushed it up higher towards the rim, but I don’t believe it would fit a small.

The fabric is likely a generic Disney pattern that can be bought at craft shops like Michaels or others. Karina then just cut it to size and shape and sewed it all together.

It’s nice to support local retailers and artisans whenever possible. What they create will always make for unique gifts!

For a more vintage way to drink your morning coffee, check my WDW Thermo Mug. It’s a real blast from the past!

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