‘The Abominable Showman’ Amazing Spiderman Record

Power Records is actually a name used by Peter Pan Records. It seems that this alternate label is used when superheroes are the subject matter. When this is the case, as with Spiderman here, a repertory company of actors would perform the stories as audio dramas. But not very well.

The company only worked out of Newark, N.J., until the late 1970s. So this record would be from that time. The Marvel Comics of Spidey would have been popular then and the original 1960s Spiderman cartoon would have been fresh in the minds of children:

This record takes the corny jokes and campy style to a new level with bad voice acting and silly non-canon villains. Have a listen to Side A for an introduction to The Abominable Showman:

Yes True Believers, we have Merlin the Magician (very original), a robot, a monkey, and of course, Dope the Rope (?!?) to menace our hero! How will he ever overcome such peril?

The label has some nice graphics with artwork likely provided by John Romita. It would have been a stock image supplied by Marvel.

Are you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out if Spiderman is able to outwit Dope the Rope? Then listen on as we return to the Mighty Age of Marvel:

I sincerely hope the legendary Stan Lee didn’t have anything to do with this story! Although, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. But Dope the Rope? I can’t imagine a writer wanting credit for that character!

Although unlikely, maybe this record did make some children scream

Make Mine Marvel!

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