Star Wars Mandalorian Dipping Sticks & Band-Aids

It all started in 1977 with the theatrical release of the first Star Wars movie. It has continued with many sequels, good and bad, continuing with a little television production called The Mandalorian (2019). Ever heard of it?

Whether you love the original movies, hate the sequels, argue about them all, you are likely on Team Mando! Almost universally loved, this show has yielded a breakout character – Grogu. And Grogu has yielded a plethora of cute merchandise, such as:

Yup. One of my childhood favorites is back! Pure sugar dipping sticks with packets of sugar. Did I mention sugar? There’s a lot of sugar here.

Each box comes with 22 pouches of sugar with artificial flavors like Vanilla and Green Apple. But they both taste like sugar. Sugar. This is just sugar. Don’t believe that a company would sell something so bad for children in this day and age? Check out the nutritional facts:

No Fat. No Sodium (that’s good). 6% Carbohydrates. And 30%… wait for it… sugar. It’s just sugar. On a stick. For dipping. Yum!

But don’t worry. If your child faints and falls over due to Diabetic Shock, you can treat any cuts or scrapes with a Mandalorian Band-Aid:

And they come in assorted sizes so that no matter how big or small the wound, you will have the proportionate Band-aid you need to cover it. Thank you Johnson & Johnson!

Grogu is cute. Keep telling yourself that on the way to the hospital.

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