Pie Eye Minnie Mouse Micro Ceramic Planter

Minnie Mouse has had a few ‘signature looks’ over the years. One of her first featured a little hat with a flower sticking out of it. But almost as iconic is this little polka dot dress with a bow number.

And she is definitely standing pretty and looking fabulous with this piece of vintage merchandise! Check out the pie eye Minnie Mouse micro ceramic planter:

The addition of her name on the side of the planter itself is a nice touch. Otherwise, the pot is plain and functional.

Mickey might bring Minnie an entire bouquet of flowers, but he really shouldn’t, as this planter would be hard pressed to hold more than one solitary piece of foliage.

Disney merchandise usually holds value very well. I find a piece to be more desirable if it still has the original price tag affixed. It adds to the history and gives one an idea of how costs have increased for such things over the years. I’m not sure of the year of manufacture. The fact that it was made in Japan likely indicates the 1970s. Today there are examples for sale on e-sites for around $75.00 CAN.

If you want more practice with your green thumb, check out my Minnie Mouse Mini Planter. She’s just as cute but a tad bit bigger than this micro planter!

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