Precious Moments Minnie Mouse as Cinderella Figurine

Precious Moments Company, Inc. (PMI) is an American company that started selling religious greeting cards but expanded into giftware such as this Minnie Mouse as Cinderella figurine. The company was initially formed in 1978 by the illustrator Samuel J. Butcher.

Cinderella got her start a wee bit earlier. She could have had her first appearance as far back as 7 BCE, but perhaps the most common iteration was published in 1634. Of course, Disney provided what is arguably the definitive version in 1950.

Precious Moments took their crack at the character, sort of, in 2013:

Minnie Mouse got her start in 1928 alongside her Prince Charming, Mickey Mouse. Although the girly mouse is not considered a Disney Princess, she is definitely Disney Royalty!

The curtsey was widely practiced in the 17th Century. It’s a traditional gesture of greeting in which a girl or woman lowers her body by bending her knees, as Minnie is doing above. It is the female equivalent of male bowing in European cultures. The word ‘curtsy’ comes from ‘courtesy’ which means politeness.

Each figurine has an annual symbol stamped on the bottom. The symbol used for this particular figurine is a cartoon hand, like that of Mickey Mouse. You can barely see it in the picture above, in the upper right corner. This symbol is not listed as the official 2013 mark, so must be a special mark for just Disney products.

Minnirella is 3.5″ tall.

For another piece of Cinderella merchandise, check out my wife’s Disney T-shirt that features a cool pattern of the iconic coach that takes her to the Ball. ‘Tis regal indeed!

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