NANCO Posable Kermit the Frog Plush

Disney acquired the Muppets (but not Sesame Street) in 2004. I believe that makes any merchandise that was sold prior to the purchase more valuable. So if you can find a Muppet character with a Henson trademark, you have something special!

A case in point is this Nanco posable Kermit the Frog plush:

“It’s time to play the music!”

Both of Kermit’s arms and legs are fully posable with a steel wire running through each. When his legs are fully extended, he is 16″ tall.

“On Disleelandia today!”

But I’m not putting on any makeup, although I may dress up right!

There is a loop attached to the back of his head so that you can hang Kermit for display purposes. Not because he was a bad frog!

Nanco plush are still available through the Rhode Island Novelty website.

Nanco is no stranger to the Muppets. I also have a large Beaker plush from the same company. The link also highlights a smaller Beaker from Sababa Toys. Both are worth meeting!

This has been the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational, post! Yes, this is what we call Disleelandia!

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