Miniature Ceramic Disney Circus Dumbo Figurine

I’ve found another piece that is difficult to research. It appears that this is not a Disneykins figurine even though it has many similarities, not the least of which is the size. It also has no markings of any kind, further making it hard to date.

That said, this miniature ceramic Disney circus Dumbo figurine is a wonderful little collectible:

It stands at just over 1″ high. It would have been hand painted. I would speculate that it was made in Japan due to the level of detail in the sculpt and the fine wash finishes.

If I’m right about the place of manufacture it would indicate a pre-80s release.

It’s interesting how many Disney characters have become stuck in time. In Dumbo’s case, he is doomed to be an infant elephant forever! To see more unfortunate inclusions to this club, check out my earlier post entitled Top 5 Disney Characters Stuck in Time. Actually, there’s six in the article, but I won’t tell if you don’t!

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