Kinder Surprise AVATAR Chocolate Egg Figurine

I enjoyed the first Avatar movie released in 2009 but still haven’t seen the recent sequel. Am I over the franchise after so long or is it that I don’t want to sit in a theater for three hours? Hard to say. My tender butt aside, I do love chocolate!

So this Kinder Surprise Avatar chocolate egg figurine was something I felt I could handle:

These little chocolate eggs are tasty and hide a surprise inside. Hence the name:

White and milk chocolate together? Yes please! But did you know that some countries have banned these ‘toys’ because of the danger of having small plastic pieces inside a food item? True. But not in Canada! We use them to cull the child herds. Kidding!

They call them Kinder to indicate that they are primarily for children, but come on! Adults love chocolate. Adults love toys. And adults love gaming apps:

With but a scan of the code, or the figure itself, you can open the App Store where you can download the Applaydu Family Games App. Now it does say ‘Activities for your kids’ so I didn’t download it. Are there App Police? I don’t want to find out!

The blue dragon character came in four pieces and was easy to assemble… for an adult. Your ‘kids’ might need a little help.

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