The Sounds of Algonquin Park 45 Single

Algonquin Park in Canada has a vast interior of maple hills, rocky ridges, and thousands of lakes. In fact, there are at least 7,635 square kilometers of forests, bogs, lakes and rivers. The only way to explore the interior of this park is by paddle or on foot. That’s why this Sounds of Algonquin Park 45 single has an entire side dedicated to paddling around the site!

There is also a second Algonquin. Here you can enjoy camping at one of eight campgrounds, hike one of 14 trails, take part in the extensive educational Discovery Program, or visit Algonquin’s exceptional Visitor Centre, Logging Museum and Art Centre.

Don’t have time for all that? Or maybe just the thought of that much physical activity tires you out? Then this little vinyl disc is for you:

Thanks to the exercise of one Dan Gibson and his production company, you can sit in the comfy chair of your choice and listen to what you’re missing:

Not into wolves? No problem. Let’s imagine ourselves in a canoe. With someone else doing the paddling:

Yes, it’s almost enough to make one want to lace up the hiking boots and hit the portage trail! Almost. But not quite. Maybe I’ll walk to the fridge.

Things were simpler back in 1978, no?

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  1. Mike Ellis says:

    Wow, that’s neat! There is also an Algonquin Park about 5 miles from the house I grew up in when I was a kid in Northern Virginia! Cue the music from “it’s a small world” now, please. lol

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