Throwback Thursday: Disney 100 Mickey & Minnie Shorts

I believe this hit the shelves on February 14th. Can you guess why a DVD/Blue-ray combo pack with 10 Shorts starring Mickey and Minnie Mouse would have that release date?

I found this Disney 100 Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts disc at Walmart:

By now most Disney fans will have all ten of the Shorts from this disc, or can stream them from Disney+. But it’s amazing the power that new packaging has on the consumer! Are you tempted?

You get 83 minutes of black and white and colour goodness with this set. You may also notice that it is branded with the Disney 100 logo, linking it to the 100th year anniversary of the Walt Disney Company. And this is only Volume 1. Obviously Disney plans on milking this idea.

I just thought I’d add this post to the blog as a Public Service for all of those Disney Completists out there that just have to have everything Mickey and Minnie! But hurry, for just $19.96 CAN, they may sell out fast!

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