Walt Disney World Ticket Books & Coupons

Things change. Sometimes I wish things would stay the same. Case in point is the ticket systems at Walt Disney World and Disney Parks in general. There’s something about having a piece of paper in your hand with images and text that can be saved for souvenirs! Such things become what is known as ephemera, items that are made for a purpose and then to be thrown away, usually paper-based products.

I know I’m not alone!

My sister-in-law recently bestowed upon me these vintage Walt Disney World ticket books and coupons from the early days of Walt Disney World:

I have one A to E Ticket Book and three Magic Key Coupon Books. All three of the coupon books are complete but the ticket book isn’t, with the cover ripped off and missing:

This ticket book is incomplete with only one E ticket and two A tickets left. It is in pretty bad shape, but it is fairly rare to find mint condition and complete examples. This book likely dates from before 1975 as the Flight to the Moon attraction was replaced by Mission to Mars in that year.

Considering the price point of tickets today, these ticket books were positively a steal! A $8.80 value for just $5.40 US. Now, you can just about buy a bottled water in the Parks for that amount.

We transition now from a purchased book of tickets to a complimentary alternative:

A-type attractions would have been basic rides mainly geared to children with the E-type attractions would have been more thrilling adventures!

Walt Disney World Village was announced on August 1st of 1975 and has changed into many other venues over the years. Today you may know it better as Disney Springs.

It appears that this small coupon book was given to Guests as a courtesy for some undisclosed reason. It would have been free and good for a few rides on any A to E type attraction. Not a bad deal!

I also have several Parking Ticket Stubs, an Opening Day EPCOT Ticket, and even a Sunlight Airlines Disney Vacation Ticket Folder. But for something a little different but the same, you can also click to see some of my FastPass Ticket Stubs.

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