In the Wild: Disney’s FROZEN Anna Funko Plush

Love the Disney movie Frozen? I don’t. But I did think that Anna was a standout character and the true heroine of the movie. I wish more little girls would want to be like her instead of Elsa! But I’ve had to accept that I’m almost alone on that.

But my soft spot for the spunky younger sister made me stop and take pics of this Anna Funko Plush:

Like all of this type of plush, she has a weighted bottom. I didn’t say that! But she does have beans in her butt. Oh my, that’s worse!

In the past, I used to ‘rescue’ just about everything Disney that I saw in Charity Shops. But over the years, those two, three, and four dollars purchases added up! So I had to create the In the Wild series so that I could still feature items that caught my interest without having to shell out for them.

So if you see an In the Wild post, it will feature a item that I would like to add to my collection if I had the spare cash or the room to display it. Otherwise, at least 95% of the items on this site are from my personal collection.

For more Frozen fun, check out my Disney’s Frozen Zanai Chocolate Eggs, two of my Frozen Books, or indulge me as I rant about Why Disney’s Let It Go Is a Bad Song. I’ll warn you ahead of time, if you just LOVE Frozen, you probably won’t like it! How’s that for self-promotion?

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