Build-a-Bear Workshop FROZEN Olaf Plush

Unfortunately my loathing for the Disney animated film FROZEN has tainted my desire to obtain any merchandise from the franchise. I adore Anna and have come close to buying an Olaf plush several times. But the right one never came along. Until now!

Meet the Build-a-Bear Workshop FROZEN Olaf plush from 2014:

I’ve wanted to do a Build-a-Bear plush for a long time but never found one that really made me think the expense would be worth while. But I couldn’t pass up this example that I found in a local Charity Shop for just $6.99 CAN.

He is super soft and has an amazing ‘In Summer’ patterned shirt, like a Hawaiian shirt, that I just fell in love with! The shirt is removable with Velcro behind the buttons for ease of play for children:

The song ‘In Summer’ is Olaf’s signature rant about how much he is looking forward to sunbathing in the good ol’ summertime. Yeah. That can’t possibly go wrong. But the pattern on the shirt makes it look like a lot of fun!

The Build-a-Bear Workshop has a nice website. Apparently you can build online and have it shipped to you anywhere in the World. Here is the official spiel about the company:

Originally conceived as a place for children to create their own special teddy bear with a step-by-step process including our now iconic Heart Ceremony, Build-A-Bear is now a multi-generational, multi-dimensional global brand appealing to diverse consumer demographics.

This year marks Build-A-Bear’s 25th anniversary and the celebration of heart, hugs, creativity, laughter, fun and friendship through the making of more than 200 million furry friends around the world!

Have you built a bear? Or an Olaf? Or whatever?

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