Funko Soda Figure PETE from Disney

Funko has many different types of products on the market. The usual big-headed vinyl figures in display boxes, keychains, games, plush, and now Bitty Pops! What’s next?

Before we found that out, let’s have a look at this Funko Soda figure. It’s Mickey’s nemesis Pete from the old Disney Shorts:

Pete made his first appearance alongside Mickey Mouse in the 1928 Short entitled Steamboat Willie. But it wasn’t until later shorts that he adopted his red hat and blue coveralls.

The little disc inside the can, that I like to call a Pog, tells you who the character is, how many of the figure was made, and if you won the Funko Lottery and have found the Chase. As you can see from my Pog, I did not:

Still, there are only 7,500 of this figure with the other 1,500 being Chase figures. So that’s special. I finally figured out why the amount on the can is different from the amount on the Pog! I feel like such a smart boy. It only took my about a dozen of these things to clue in.

It may not be because of Disney’s desire to be more PC these days, but Pete’s signature stogie, or cigar, is conspicuously missing with this sculpt.

FUN FACTS: Even Disney isn’t always consistent. If you watch enough of his appearances in the old Shorts, you’ll notice that sometimes he has both of this legs whole, and if he does have his iconic peg leg (hence his name Pegleg Pete), it can be on either side of his body.

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