Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Star Wars Characters

We’ve all heard of Christmas in July. A time when retailers try to squeeze a few early dollars out of the hapless consumer. But Christmas in… March? These are currently available at the IDA Pharmacy chain in Canada.

I don’t do holidays, but I do buy the occasional ornament. Hallmark does such a great job of creating wonderful ornaments that can be hung all year around because they have no link to a specific celebration. A case in point are these Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Star Wars Characters:

Imposing, ain’t it! It has the same vibe as the black Monolith in 2001 – A Space Odyssey. Can you hear the Dark Side calling, or Darth Vader’s theme music playing?

Even the packaging is fun with this series. There are seven figures to collect. Three are common. Three are rare. And one is super rare.

“Hmm. Upside bottom, I am!”

Naturally I got one of the common figures! But he is cute as an Ewok. At first I thought this was Grogu from the Mandalorian series but the packaging clearly lists him as Yoda.

Could we at least consider him to be an actual Baby Yoda? Why not!

These figures are just 1 1/2″ high and come with a cord for hanging. Yoda has the Lucas Film Ltd. copyright on his butt. That may be taking branding a bit too far.

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