Pixar’s Toy Story WOODY Squishmallows Plush

Well, Hey Howdy Hey, pardners! It’s time to play with the cutest, the plumpest, and the just plain squishiest cowboy in the West: Sheriff Woody!

More to the point, Pixar’s Toy Story Woody Squishmallows plush:

Just when you think Disney can’t possibly come up with another way to interpret their characters in plush form, they jump on another trend and we are presented with a dilemma: Do I start collecting this line too?

This is an example of Disney partnering with an established company that makes a particular style of product. Disney had it’s own rounder plush option in the Parks years ago (and perhaps still today) that would compete with this line.

But with this Woody plush, riding the Range has never been so comfortable!

Kellytoy, a Jazwares Company, produces the Squishmallows line of plush. They offer a full line of original characters, such as Mystery Squad and Fancy Friends, along with other IPs. You can click the link in the second paragraph to see what is presently available.

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