Retail: WHAT A CHARACTER! Snow White Costumes

Children love to dress up! From sneaking into their parents closets to making costumes out of things that are just lying around, the imagination of a child can transform them into anyone or anything.

Adults haven’t outgrown that tendency. There is Cosplay and Disney Bounding, to mention only two ways that grown men and women act like, well… children! But these What a Character! Snow White costumes are definitely for the smaller children among us:

These dresses have an incredible level of detail! Any would-be Princess couldn’t miss making a scene at the Ball while wearing one of these. It even comes with a crown:

I could find little information about the What a Character! line of merchandise. No website seems to be readily searchable with the only close hit being a company that sells collectible figurines.

These dresses were selling for just $34.99 CAN, marked down from $50.00 CAN, which would also be a great price given the quality of the garments. Disney would ask far more for similar dresses in the Theme Parks or the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

FUN FACTS: What is the difference between Cosplay and Disney Bounding? Check out these illuminating definitions:

Cosplay – The practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. This will usually involve recreating the exact costume of the character. Or as close as your budget will allow!

Disney Bounding РA fun way to show a little of your Disney passion without being over the top obvious about it. Basically, you would dress in the color and style of a certain character, but use your everyday clothes instead of a costume.

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