Foodie Friday: Star Wars Striking Sketch Glasses

Even in a Galaxy far, far away, people gotta drink. In fact, in the Star Wars Universe, they drink quite a lot! Wouldn’t you if you’re entire life was described as a war? Make mine a double.

But these Star Wars Striking Sketch glasses are meant for weaker spirits:

Well, anyone using them could have a strong Spirit, but I meant pop. Soda. You know… mix. And while imbibing your favorite liquid courage, you can get a grip on a Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, or C-3P0.

It would make sense that the Dark Side would drink a darker beverage like Coke or Pepsi, so would that mean that the Rebel Alliance has to drink Sprite or 7-UP?

These drinks must have been served on the planet Hoth. Look at all that ice!

JoyJolt was started in 2014 because a man named Martin Mittelman was on a mission to find high quality, contemporary shot glasses at an affordable price. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, Martin found his own glass facility and began producing a line of Italian style shot glasses. I mean, why not? His new product flew off the shelves, and JoyJolt was born. You’ll find many Disney related items on their site.

These Limited Edition drinking glasses can be yours for just $19.99 CAN.

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