Vintage Disneyland Silver-Tone Icon Charm Bracelet

What do you get the woman that doesn’t have everything Disney and so could always use more? Well, you could hardly go wrong with a piece of Disneyland jewellery!

Let’s have a closer look at this vintage Disneyland Silver-Tone Icon Charm Bracelet:

I saw this on a selling site about a month ago and was hemming and hawing over it when the seller finally dropped the price. I took a swing and offered a tad lower than the new price and now it belongs to me! Actually, to my wife. But I have joint custody with visitation rights.

The closed box photographed as brown but it’s actually a very deep blue or black.

Research shows that this was likely sold in Disneyland during the 1960s. We know that it wouldn’t have been sold after 1997 as this was the last year to offer the Mike Fink Keel Boats. Of course, the copyright of Walt Disney Productions makes it pre-1987.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

I love the now-Retro logo for Disneyland merchandise as seen on the inside of the lid of the case for this charm bracelet:

Finding a vintage piece of merchandise like this is always exciting, but more so when it comes with the original display box!

Similar pieces of jewellry have sold recently online for $150.00 US. I paid significantly less than that because of the private sale.

My wife does have some more modern Disney-themed charms. You can see two of them by clicking on over to my earlier post entitled Pandora Disney Charms.

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