Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Disney Mickey & Friends

It’s time for another mystery on Disleelandia. What character will I get when I open my Hallmark Mystery Ornaments – Disney Mickey and Friends box? Is anyone else annoyed that you have to buy 10 times the product you need just to get what you want? Just me? Okay.

I don’t usually get carried away with these blind boxes. Unless most of the characters are ones I would want in my collection, I’ll just move along and keep my money in my wallet. But for this assortment, as well as the Star Wars set, I would be happy with any of the offerings!

The packaging is quite fun and unique. I guess we have to mention the environmental impact of having a plastic outer wrapping over a hard plastic shell just to get a small rubbery ornament. As usual, our fun comes with some questionable costs!

As with the Star Wars Mystery Ornaments, there are three common figures (like my Minnie), three rare figures, and just one super rare figure.

The hard plastic container could be retained and used to house jewellery or other treasures, so maybe the use of so much plastic isn’t that bad. But if you don’t want to reuse it, you can’t really recycle it in most regions.

Minnie Mouse is out of the box and ready for her reveal:

Betty Boop gets a lot of heat for showing her panties in the old Shorts of the 1930s. But Minnie wasn’t shy about flashing some cotton-covered booty either! That aside, I like that this is a depiction of Minnie in her original look, yellow hat with flower and all. And she one-ups Betty by going topless!

What do you do with ornaments when you don’t celebrate most popular holidays?

Repurposing is a growing trend in our environmentally conscious society, and so my wife has found a new use for my Hallmark Mystery Ornaments.

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