Wreck-It Ralph Funko Soda RALPH Figure

“I’m a blogger, and that’s good. I will never be a good blogger, and that’s not bad. There’s no blog I’d rather have than mine.”

And with that reaffirmation pledge, we can start the first post of a three-part series featuring the main characters from the amazing Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. In the Number One spot we have the title character, but of the movie, not the game in the movie!

Behold the Wreck-It-Ralph Funko Soda RALPH figure:

Ralph, our anti-hero, expresses frustration with his assigned role in his game. When he is excluded and ostracized from the game’s 30th anniversary party, he decides to win a medal and earn respect. Upon overhearing that one can earn medals in a first-person shooter called Hero’s Duty, Ralph sneaks in and steals one, which Vanellope promptly steals from him. Thus starts a beautiful friendship. Kind of.

Funko Soda produced 10,500 regular figures and 2,000 Chase figures for this character. I got the regular figure:

The thing I like about these Funko Soda figures over the regular Funko Pop! figures is that these ones have big feet. Yup. Big feet! It helps them to stay standing when you display them.

Ralph is voiced by John C. Reilly.

Ralph might be trying to look grumpy here, but I think I can see a little smirk. Maybe Vanellope just called him Captain Underpants again!

For a good look at the video game that gave Ralph his big break (see what I did there?) check out my Disney Movie Rewards premium: The Fix-It Felix Jr. Video Game Alarm Clock.


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