POP! Ad Icons Pan Am Stewardess Figurines

Pan American Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, was an American airline that was the first airline to fly worldwide and pioneered numerous innovations of the modern airline industry. To say it has become an iconic brand is an understatement!

So it’s no wonder that we have these POP! Ad Icon Pan Am Stewardess figurines:

Representing one dress style, two bag choices, and three nationalities, these vinyl figures look simply gorgeous, darling!

Before we have a look at our three stewardesses in more detail, let’s have a look at ‘The Blue Meatball’:

There is no doubt that Pan American planes were instantly recognizable in airports around the world. The girls of Pan Am were instantly recognizable in airports! Why? Perhaps it was because of their unique and classy outfits.

First, we have the blue business suit with no bag. The uniform was designed by Evan Picone and the bowler hat was made by Borsalino, Italy:

No we have the uniform with the white bag with the blue logo:

Now we have the uniform with the blue bag with the white logo:

These gals can’t stand on their own two feet. No, they aren’t tipsy from attending one too many cocktail parties at 30,000 feet, it’s just that Funko insists on creating figurines with big heads and itty-bitty feet! For that reason, I am leaving them in the boxes and displaying them with my vintage airplane lamp:

Thank you for flying the Friendly Skies with us today. Please return your trays to the upright position, unfasten your seat belts, and run screaming to the nearest exit! Yes. We have crashed.

For an account from a real Pan Am Stewardess on what it was like to be working the aisles back in the day, check out this link.

FUN FACTS: Did you know that there was a Pan Am television series back in 2011? It lasted for one season and you can learn all about it by clicking this link.

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