Minnie Mouse CUBD Small Plush

I’ve been a Disney fan for decades and a memorabilia collector for years, and just when I thought I’d seen every trend that Disney had hitched their characters to, along comes something that makes me go ‘Huh?’ I guess nothing should surprise me anymore. What a blockhead! No, wait… Minnie is the blockhead!

Think I’m being harsh? Nope. Check out this Minnie Mouse CUBD small plush:

This plush is about 4″ square, or cubed, and has one strange feature. Minnie has chosen to wear a bow, not only on her head, but also on her butt. Now that’s an interesting fashion statement!

Cubd has produced many characters across a wide variety of IPs but doesn’t seem to be in business any longer.

I’ve tried to find the official website for this brand but when I enter the address found on the original store tags (above) I get redirected to a website for Cuba. It’s very nice, but not very helpful.

But the other company mentioned on the tags is the thenorthwest.com website. This company is very much still in business and producing Disney and other IPs. This is what they have to say about themselves:

The Northwest Group, LLC is the leader in Branded Home Textiles. As the number one throw manufacturer in the United States, Northwest continuously produces New, Innovative and Exciting products for the majority of the worlds’ most recognized and loved Brands in Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle. In addition, we carry a full line of Northwest Original designs.

That said, I couldn’t find anything about Cubd in their ‘Search’ box.

No matter which of the six sides you choose to view this plush from, it’s just plain strange! Good thing I only paid $2.99 CAN for it at a local Charity Shop.

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