Kellogg’s Mickey and Friends Eggo Waffles

“Leggo of my Eggo!”

Every kid knows about Kellogg’s Mickey and Friends Eggo Waffles:

Do you remember screaming this at your brother or sister at the breakfast table? Did you fight over the first hot waffle to come out of the toaster? Kellogg’s marketing wanted this to be a childhood rite of passage.

In 1935, Frank Dorsa and his brothers used their mother’s kitchen to create what would later become an internationally beloved brand. Frank had a passion for finding ways to make things easier for people. That passion is what spurred him and his brothers to create a waffle mix that would evolve into what the world knows now as Eggo.

The manufacturing process is a system by which waffles are made on waffle irons, just like the ones you can find at home, and then flash frozen – thus creating the Eggo frozen waffle:

Obviously, shape is no problem. Just create a waffle iron with the desired shape, pour in the batter, and start cooking! These specialty waffles are made in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The taste is the same as a regular Eggo waffle. If you like them, you’ll like these. They lack any real taste of their own, instead relying on butter and maple syrup to provide the flavour.

The back of the Mickey and Friends waffles have the same pattern as a regular Eggo. But I found a nice surprise if you ate them face up! You can store a nice extra pool of syrup in Mickey’s ears and Minnie’s bow. Yes, it’s all about the maple syrup!

Obviously these Eggo Mickey and Friends waffles are meant to evoke the excitement generated during a Disney vacation when you order Mickey Waffles. These tasty treats are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are so popular that Disney has created an entire line of merchandise in the shape of Mickey waffles! Mostly inedible, I believe.

Kellogg’s purchased Eggo in the 1970s and started the whole ‘Leggo of my Eggo!’ thing that rings out so iconic even over 50 years later. You can shout out this slogan no matter what someone has taken from you! A fun and functional phrase.

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