DISNEY INFINITY Pirates of the Caribbean Characters

Disney Infinity had the makings of a truly epic gaming platform that could have stood the test of time. But Disney decided to turn it into a Cash Cow by forcing gamers to buy new platforms every year if they wanted to use newly released characters. Duh! Sales went down. Duh! Disney cancels the initiative. Bean Counters 1. Disney Fans 0. You can read my take on this debacle here.

But with everything negative there is always a Silver Lining, and with that trope in mind, I give you the Disney Infinity Pirates of the Caribbean Characters:

Johnny Depp was the break out character from this Theme Park Attraction that became a blockbuster movie franchise. No one will ever forget the day that they almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!

But I think Geoffrey Rush as Captain Hector Barbossa was equally wonderful:

The level of detail on these figure sculpts is simply breathtaking. And the distinctive styling elevates these ‘mere’ game pieces to actual pieces of display artwork!

I also felt that the character of Davy Jones as played by Bill Nighy was simply next level:

So I now have three of the main pirates from the series as I add these two to my Captain Jack Sparrow game piece.

Again, what a shame Disney didn’t take a longer view of this platform. Instead of trying to make quick and ready cash in the short term, they could have kept releasing new characters, power discs, and levels, well, off into infinity!

Considering Disney named the gaming system after a word that means ‘a point in space or time that is or seems infinitely distant’, they certainly seemed to be very short sighted.

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