Disney nuiMOs Walt Disney World 50 Logo Track Suit

Our son, Goober Jr., is a bear. Yes, he’s adopted. But we couldn’t love him more if he were real, sentient, and actually able to interact with us! He goes with us everywhere in the family mini van and loves to travel, especially to Walt Disney World.

So when we bought him this Disney nuiMos Walt Disney World 50 Logo Track Suit, he couldn’t wait to put it on and show it off to everyone:

But before we get to the Big Reveal, let’s check out the card that this set of clothing came on:

Disney nuiMOs are cute, stylish plush models from Japan that have now gone global. Many Disney characters have received the nuiMos treatment and more and more clothing accessories are being added at a rapid pace!

I haven’t been a fan of this latest merchandising push by Disney. The characters are basic but I do like some of the clothing sets. So when I saw this yellow retro WDW track suit, I knew it was time to buy in. And I had just the little guy to justify the purchase:

Made in China and distributed by shopDisney.

Every parent’s crazy for a sharp-dressed bear:

Just like dressing any child, it was a bit of a struggle to get Goober Jr. into his track suit. But it was made easier by the Velcro opening in the back of the shirt. The pants were a different matter! Junior has a big bear butt and it was a challenge to squeeze it into the elastic waistline.

This may come as a complete shock to you, but my wife and I don’t have any real children.

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