‘The Muppet Show 2’ LP Soundtrack Record

Well, once again, it’s time to ‘light the lights’ and ‘start the music’ as we look ‘once again’ at another wild and wacky piece of merchandise from The Muppet Show!

I present for your pleasure The Muppet Show 2 LP Soundtrack Record:

This wonderful vinyl treasure was released in 1978. It wouldn’t be for another 26 years in 2004 that Disney would acquire the Muppets from the Jim Henson Company.

But before we go on, let’s hear the familiar intro to the famous show, but with an LP record twist:

And here is the record that Kermit is talking about, er… with. Or…

Nothing makes sense with The Muppet Show! But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we? I always say that half the reason to add these old vinyl records to a collection is because of the artwork. This cover and inner record sleeve prove the point:

The inner sleeve pays homage to the opening of the original show with the iconic arches. It’s fun to see so many of the Muppets depicted here. But I have one nit-picky point: Some of the characters are repeated. There are enough individual Muppets that this shouldn’t have been necessary. Also, Miss Piggy is depicted in her earlier not-so refined form here, but in her later form on the record cover itself. This inconsistency is always irksome with such releases.

But such irks fade away when the humor starts, and so let’s join the Muppets At the Dance for some fancy footwork and frenzied jokes:

I do appreciate that this isn’t just a straight soundtrack in that they didn’t just lift segments from the show and paste them on a record. They have spent time adding record-themed segues between some of the tracks to keep the LP schtick going.

Some of the tracks from this LP have been re-released on other forms of media. For example, I have most of them on a CD. Remember those?

Now it’s time to say goodbye as Kermit promises to “see us all next time” on The Muppet Show, again, with an LP twist:

But before we go, let’s give a great big round of applause for our special guest star – The back of the album cover:

It’s interesting that a Star Wars Storm Trooper is pegged to the information board on the back of the record cover. Disney would go on to acquire Lucas Film in 2012.

If you love vinyl, why not check out a post by my friend and fellow contributor to the blog, Nick, as he shares The Muppet Movie Soundtrack LP with us!

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