Funko Soda Incredibles FROZONE D23 Expo Figure

I was on the hunt for new acquisitions to add to my collection and came across this Funko Soda Collectible Figure for just $5.00 US. It had been opened previously.

The Incredibles was a breakaway hit for Pixar when it was released back in 2004. But beside the main characters was a super cool dude by the name of Frozone, played by Samuel L. Jackson:

This was a D23 Expo Limited Edition exclusive from 2022. Many of these Funko lines have special releases tied into an event or Retail Store. I don’t think this necessarily makes them more valuable as they seem to have the same number runs as regular releases.

There are 6,250 regular figures and 1,250 Chasers. The Chaser has Frozone creating a large snow crystal in front of his outstretched right hand.

My regular figure has no snow crystal but plenty of cool:

I guess you could also say that he is pretty Chill. Okay. He’s probably heard just about every snow and ice-related joke! So I get his drift and I’ll stop before I have to dig myself out from a blizzard of…

See? I told you I’d stop! Dance us out, Frozone!

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