HotWheels Premium Spiderman Spider-Mobile Diecast

Yup. Spiderman had a car. Why? Because he needed money. Let me explain: Corona Motors, in an effort to promote their new non-polluting car engine, hired the advertising firm of Carter & Lombardo to approach Spider-Man about building a Spider-Mobile. Of course, Spiderman initially turned down the offer as a dumb idea until he realized they’d pay him to do it! With the aid of the Human Torch, they completed the construction of the Spider-Mobile.

After a crash course in driving, and some other hijinks, the Spider-Mobile ends up in the river, lost seemingly for all time. Until it came back and tried to kill Spiderman. It’s complicated.

And now we have the HotWheels Premium Spiderman Spider-Mobile Diecast model:

The Spider-Mobile is basically a Dune Buggy. A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels and wide tires. It’s designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, off road or desert locations. The design is usually a topless vehicle with a rear-mounted engine. 

The original story appeared in The Amazing Spider-man issue 130 where he had to fight the villain Hammerhead. The cover is reproduced on the backing card.

Mattel partnered with MARVEL comics to produce this HotWheels version of the Spider-Mobile in 2017. It was manufactured in Indonesia.

No one will ever be able to answer the question: “Why would a guy who can cross the city on a web in 2-seconds flat and literally climb up the walls need a car?!?”

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