Funko Soda Pan Am Stewardess Collectible Figure

Another five dollar find from The Dixieland Flea Market in Waterford, MI. They have a large indoor selection of vendors as well as outdoor vendors in the summer. I always see something that I can add to my collection!

I had a good reason to pick up this Funko Soda Pan Am Stewardess Collectible Figure:

I have just recently acquired three POP! Ad Icons Pan Am Stewardess figures and just couldn’t resist adding another lady to the group!

There are 5,000 regular figures and 1,000 additional Chase figures. I got one of the regular ones, of course. The Chase figure is an identical body sculpt but a Redhead.

The history of the Pan Am airline is long and storied with the iconic fashion of the stewardesses being the legacy that lingers.

They’ve lasted almost as long as it takes to get through customs!

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