Funko Rides Disney 100 Bert Figure

As I mentioned in the earlier post featuring the Funko Rides Disney 100 Mary Poppins Figure, it’s time for yet another anniversary in the world of Disney. This time, it’s the 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company itself (1923-2023).

And just as I couldn’t resist Mary, I just had to have her partner in song, this Funko Rides Disney 100 Bert Figure:

Like Mary, Bert has managed to do a face plant into the Carousel Horse bar. Ouch! But just as I did for Mary, I will fix the position of our Cockney friend later.

Onward we circle to the box graphics:

I will be taking both Mary and Bert out of their cardboard prisons for display, but I’ll be keeping the boxes for future storage or resell.

Are you ready for a Jolly Holiday with Bert?

Funko did a good job of sculpting these Disney 100 figures, both with Mary and Bert. Especially nice was the movie-accurate decorations for the Carousel Horses.

I paid just $19.99 US for this Funko Rides figure. In Canada, they are selling for almost $40.00 CAN. I’m glad I saw Mary and Bert while I was in the States!

He waved at me but wouldn’t look at me. Not as ‘jolly’ as I expected!

FUN FACTS: Cockney is an accent and dialect of English, mainly spoken in London and its environs, particularly by working-class and lower middle-class Londoners. You may also have heard of Cockney-rhyming slang? If not, you surely have heard people complain about how Dick Van Dyke handled the accent in the movie Mary Poppins!

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