The Incredibles II Stackable Drink Coasters

We had to wait until 2018 for a sequel to the original Incredibles movie from Pixar but it wasn’t worth the wait. The franchise had the potential to create a string of hits but the second outing pretty much undid everything from the first and defeated the heroes!

Screenslaver is the villain of the piece and features in the background of The Incredibles II Stackable Drink Coasters:

Only the bottom coaster is a solid image with the other three coaters being clear with a character or characters printed on them. When you stack them, you get a kickin’ action shot! Checkout the effect as I place each coater on the base in turn:

As always, even if a movie isn’t top notch, it can still generate some awesome merchandise!

If The Incredibles II was your idea of the perfect action / superhero movie, then a post featuring the family that fights together on a deck of Jumbo playing cards might be for you. Or perhaps your into action figures? Check out my collection of tiny Funko vinyl. Big and small, I collect them all!

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