Disneyland Paris Marque-Page (Bookmark)

Just came across this little souvenir in my collection of ephemera. I don’t remember where I got it, but I do know where I didn’t get it! I’ve been to England twice in recent years and both times I wanted to cross the border into France to visit Disneyland Paris. But alas, it never happened.

So I have to content myself with this Disneyland Paris Marque-Page (Bookmark):

It has a fairly standard pic of Mickey Mouse but a more interesting image featuring Pluto, Marie (from the Aristocats) and the struggling for acceptance Duffy, the Disney Bear. All three of them are dressed in dapper fashion as befits visitors to Disneyland Paris.

If you would like to visit this Theme Park, check out my review of the Adventures by Disney – Britain and France Tour post from 2014. Some aspects of the tours may have changed, but I’m sure the countries themselves are still pretty much as picturesque and interesting as always!

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