Disney Parks Monorail Blue & Red Auto Magnets

“My other car is a Monorail.” I wish! I also wish these sleek and oh-so cool modes of transportation were everywhere. But for the most part in North America, we have to satisfy our craving for gliding on a concrete beam to our Theme Parks.

And to these Disney Parks Monorail Blue & Red Auto Magnets:

If I can’t have a monorail with my car, I may as well have one on my car. But which will I choose? Blue or Red:

My present vehicle is white, so either colour would work. But my favorite colour is red, so…

How do we use these auto magnets? First, don’t suffocate your child with the bag they come in. Very important step! Second, clean and dry your car. Third, don’t apply while in a desert or the Arctic Circle. All of these steps would appear to be self-evident, but I guess someone somewhere has tried to apply a magnet in a blizzard while experiencing a hot flash, and so we are duly warned.

The post entitled Secret Disney Obsessions lists some of the forms of Theme Park transportation that really get me moving. Check them out and see if you are as upwardly mobile as me!

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