‘Welcome to the Magic of Tencennial’ Brochure

Welcome back to 1982. The place is Walt Disney World. The occasion is the tenth anniversary of Walt’s second Theme Park.

The thing is the ‘Welcome to the Magic of Tencennial’ Brochure:

Tencennial – it’s a year-long ‘smile-wide’ celebration and we’re the guests of honor. At least we were if we were there in 1982. Were you one of the guests who at-ten-ded this event? Yes, the puns just kept coming with this promotion!

Inside this brochure we learn that EPCOT Center was yet to open but that there was a Preview Theatre on Main Street where you could learn what was to come. It also mentions the opportunity to purchase a Special Edition Commemorative Ticket effective on October 1st, 1982.

Of course, these brochures always have some helpful hints. Like pray it doesn’t rain, keep your shirt on, don’t even think about sneaking any food in, and leave your pet at the Walt Disney World Kennel Club. Got all that? Good.

And what would a visit to a Disney property be without shopping? There is a whopping 20 shops to choose from! Count ’em: 20! Have breakfast, get yourself charmed, and get ready to party hearty until 9 p.m. Then it closes. Yup. No shopping until you dropped back then. At least there was no charge!

If you love these old pieces of ephemera like I do, then you will also enjoy reading my ‘Welcome to the WDW Vacation Kingdom’ Pamphlet. It’s from 1983. EPCOT Center was open and prices were pretty much the same. Remember when you could get into a Disney Park for three days for just $35.00? Me neither. Sigh. I want to live in the past!

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