In the Wild: Vintage Minnie Mouse Glass Mug

I always thrill to find Disney stuff in my travels! Even though I may not buy it, it’s still a lot of fun to find something I haven’t seen before. Mugs are perhaps one of the most common souvenirs that people pick up when visiting a Disney Theme Park. So it was no surprise, but still nice, to find this In the Wild.

Behold the Vintage Minnie Mouse Glass Mug:

This was likely a 1980s or 90s offering. It is smaller than most stein-type mugs, but still heavy, as it is made of study and thick glass.

If I can find a piece of merchandise with the original price tag, I am super excited! For this alone, I almost bought this mug. But I had already found many other items to add to my collection and so was being good by staying in my self-imposed budget.

Would you have bought it?

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