The Story of TRON ‘See, Hear, and Read’ Record

It may be a small record formatted to a 33 1/3 speed, but it carries a big story and even bigger adventure! Walt Disney Productions has done it again with a very nice piece of cross-over marketing.

The Story of TRON ‘See, Hear, and Read’ Record is a fairly faithful adaption of the 1982 digitally enhanced live-action movie:

This record was also released in 1982. It doesn’t feature any of the original cast favoring studio voiceover actors instead. Likely to save money. The likenesses of the actors from the movie are also slightly off. This is likely due to Disney not having the full rights to use their likenesses in all marketing materials.

With that said, let’s hear the opening words of the story read to us including pages one through three:

Following the electronic sounds is easy and would be no problem for even the youngest of listeners. Let’s continue with the story, but in pictures:

Flynn’s first battle within the computer is also omitted. In fact, a lot of ‘business’ is left out for timing. We’ll stop here to provide a clip from the record that highlights the narration, character voices, and sound effects. This dramatizes the exciting Light Cycle race:

Now back to the pictures:

There are a few drawbacks of such adaptions. Obviously, the entire story of the movie cannot be replayed on a small record. So many key characters are omitted. A third member of Flynn’s team inside the computer, named RAM, is gone, and Dr. Dumont, and his computer counterpart, the Guardian, are also gone:

It’s too bad, because the Guardian was a fun character! Now back to the pictures:

The final comeuppance of Dillinger is completely omitted in favor of a shortened, happier, ending.

This record must have been well-loved and well-played because it is pretty beat up. Thankfully it has only one major skip on Side 1.

For a more elaborate version of this type of merchandise, check out The Grasshopper and the Ants Record-Reader.

Ever wonder what Mickey Mouse would look like in the world of TRON? Well wonder no more as our part-time contributor Nick shares his Mickey Mouse as TRON action figure!

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