Walt Disney World Eyes & Ears Cast Newspaper

The jury is still out on whether it is good or bad to be a Walt Disney World employee. I will never know but I imagine there are certain perks that make the experience somewhat more magical than flipping burgers at McDonalds.

One such perk must have been this Walt Disney World Eyes & Eyes Cast Newspaper from 1987:

Number 1 of Volume 17 was published on January 1st of 1987. The content starts with a recap of some of the milestones within the Disney Company for 1986. You can find the answers for each picture on Page 3.

Before I leave you to read for yourself, it appears that this publication began in 1971, the same year that WDW opened. So right from the beginning this small piece of ephemera was being prepared by Cast Members for Cast Members!

“Read on, McDuck!”

As you’ve seen, the content is wide and varied. Company announcements, local news and events, discounts, Cast activities, and more are covered.

And what newspaper is complete without a classified section! What are some of the items up for grabs? Why you can get a chain saw, a free cat, an expensive dog, an alto sax, a Commodore 64 computer, a talkative parrot, or a building lot for your dream home. On Walt Disney World wages? Maybe stick with the free cat!

If you enjoyed this blast from the past, check out my old edition of The Disneyland News from 1985. It’s a Special Edition reproduction but still a lot of fun to read!

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