Vintage Walt Disney World Passport Tickets

Have you ever wished you could buy a ticket for the way things were at Walt Disney World back in the 1980s? You know, when prices were lower and fun was funnier? Well, we can’t do that, but we can see what a ticket looked like back then!

I’d like to share some Vintage Walt Disney World Passport Tickets for your pleasure. Let’s start with a 2-Day Passport for a Day Guest from 1981:

So $20.00 for two days in the Magic Kingdom? Yes please! But wait, do you want a discount? Of course you do. If you plan to stay on property, you can get a 2-Day Passport for Resort Guests:

That’s a whopping savings of $1.25 for the two days! Just think of how much merchandise you could buy with that extra money!

I like the back of the above ticket because the user listed all of the rides they did with how many times they rode each. Three times for Big Thunder Mountain. Nice!

Let’s up the ante with a 3-Day Worldpassport for a Day Guest:

In 1984 this would cost you just $45.00 for one adult. But look what happens when we zoom ahead to the year of 1987:

We now have to pay $78.00 for the same thing! That’s a 58% increase in just three years. Obviously it would be best to stay back in 1984, as we will do with this 3-Day Worldpassport Day Guest ticket for children:

Only $37.00 each to take the little ones along with you. That’s 18% less than an adult ticket. I guess Disney figures children have less fun than adults!

Present day prices range from $109.00 for just one day and up with Park Hopper or other options added. I’ll leave you to do the math! Ah, for the days when prices were reasonable and crowds were low.

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