In the Wild: Disney Princess ‘Piggy’ Bank

I almost bought this item found In the Wild: Disney Princess ‘Piggy’ Bank. But I didn’t for a very specific reason. But first, let’s have a look at the top:

The top is rendered in a nice castle motif. The slot is plenty big enough for the biggest coins! Any materialistic child should love this.

The sides are adorned with three of the Disney Princesses. Two are legacy era and one is from the famous Renaissance ear. Let’s have a look:


Some ceramic items aimed at children can seem pretty cheap but this one is actually quite well done. So why didn’t I buy it? Observe:

The original stopper is missing! The horror! There was a time when I would have bought this, but I have so much Disney stuff now that I have to be more judicious of what I purchase. So if an item is not complete, I don’t buy it. Simple rule.

But I did think it was nice enough to share!

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