Welcome to Disleelandia, The Happiest BLOG on Earth!

In a world where Vlogs are all the rage, I’m still rockin’ it Old School with static pictures and that old thing called the Written Word. If you like to laugh while you learn (Edutainment, anyone?) than this is the place for you!

Disleelandia comes from a combination of Disneylandia (a small traveling show Walt Disney created featuring miniature dioramas) and my first name, Lee. You can work it out from there. In short: it’s my Laughing Place!

As said, all of my posts are image rich with humorous text to make the reading quick and fun! But you will also find them informative. I share interesting ‘Nouns’ (which are people, places, and things) found along my path through life. But mostly I share items from my extensive memorabilia collection.

Be sure to check out the Post Titles Page to learn about some of the Categories that I use to feature content on the Blog. You can use them to better search the site for what you like to see!

Thank you for visiting and please come again and again. I’m always ready for company!