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The Legacy Collection Disneyland CD Set

This is the eighth entry into The Legacy Collection. Disneyland was released exclusively at the Disneyland Resort on May 20, 2015, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Disneyland. It was then released to more traditional retailers later. The three-disc album consists entirely of … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh 100 Acre Jewellery Collection

You never know what you’ll find wandering around in the 100 Acre Wood. It might be a Woozle. It might be a gloomy donkey. But whatever you find, it will always involve adventure! Today, on our outing into the imaginative … Continue reading

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The Legacy Collection The Little Mermaid CD Set

The fourth volume in The Legacy Collection was assigned to The Little Mermaid. It was released as a two-disc album on November 24, 2014, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the film. The album features the film’s complete original soundtrack, as well … Continue reading

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Br’er Rabbit – A Disney Original – Park Plush

Ol’ Br’er Rabbit is off on another adventure away from his safe home in the Briar Patch. This time, he’s visiting the shores of Lake Erie. I don’t think Br’er Fox or Br’er Bear will give him much trouble in … Continue reading

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Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Walking Toy

Do you remember at the end of the original Toy Story movie that all of the toys had learned to be hopeful when Andy got new presents? Instead of being fearful that, as old toys, they would be replaced, they … Continue reading

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Minnie Mouse Pendant for a Necklace

I’m a huge collector of Disney merchandise and what not. So it’s no surprise that my wife has ended up with quite a bit of Disney-themed jewellery. I easily lose track of what she has so this blog is beneficial … Continue reading

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Mickey on Solar Motorcycle Garden Ornament

Mickey was born to be wild! As you can see in the image below, he is mounted and heading out on the open road. Could this be a Disney remake of Easy Rider? Or perhaps The Glory Stompers. Either way, … Continue reading

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Funko POP! Wall-E ‘MO’ Vinyl Figure

What’s a M-O? I don’t know, what’s a M-O with you? Okay, that didn’t quite work, but hopefully you enjoy the rest of this post more than that old joke! M-O stands for Microbe Obliterator and is the acronym for this Funko … Continue reading

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Vintage Minnie Mouse Plush w/o Tags

I don’t have a lot of information on this vintage Minnie Mouse plush without its original tags. There are literally tens of thousands of Minnie plushes out there, and without the tags, it’s impossible to date or categorize her. Or… … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh Clip-On Earring

This Winnie the Pooh clip-on earring shows that the titular character really is ‘a bear of very little brain’. As you will see from the opening image, he’s got himself a bit beat up: Most would stop pestering a swarm … Continue reading

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