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Ceramic Stork DIY Craft Inspired by Dumbo

It is said that storks have been associated with delivering babies for centuries, starting with Greek mythology. According to myth, the goddess Hera turned her rival into a stork, after which the stork-woman attempted to steal her son in revenge. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Charlie Brown’s Super Book

Publisher: Random House Year: 1975 Pages: 80 Type: Softcover ISBN: 0-394-83165-9 “Even three red pencils make a collection.” This is a really fun book! Going all the way back to 1975 we are treated to old-timey arts and crafts from the days when children did … Continue reading

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Folk Art Wooden Mickey Mouse Server

What do you call a one-eared mouse? Folk art, apparently! My father found this wooden DIY project at a yard sale and thought I’d like to have it. He was right. This is reminiscent of the butler statues that you … Continue reading

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Reviews: Gracey Manor Designs – Disney Replicas

Facebook can be a very convenient way to find unique businesses. I have purchased many things from sellers in this way but have never had such a nice experience as I have with Gracey Manor Designs. I’ve been blogging on … Continue reading

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Book Review: AT PENCIL’S POINT by Harry Roth

Publisher: Stephen Day Press / The Murray Printing Company Year: 1946 Pages: 210 Type: Hardcover ISBN: N/A “To overcome your fear of a piece of plain white paper.” Every image of this book, including every reprinting (the last being June of 2005), seems to indicate … Continue reading

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Places: Royal Beach Driftwood Sculptures

Royal Beach is on Vancouver Island just 20 minutes outside of Victoria., BC. It is being developed as a destination for seaside living. To entice buyers there is a very nice beach area with wonderful driftwood sculptures. We visited recently … Continue reading

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DIY – Minnie Mouse Cup or Pencil Holder

Into every life a little weirdness must come. Wow, what a life I must lead! Today’s post contains a very unique Do-It-Yourself project that made it’s way into a Yard Sale and then onto my office desk. At first I … Continue reading

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Finding Nemo Fun Shapes Stamps

By now, we’ve all found Nemo. But back in 2003 the whole world was still looking! Today Marlin and Nemo, Dory and the rest of the fishy school are all a part of the Disney/Pixar family, and near and dear … Continue reading

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Places: PRIMITIVE DESIGNS in Port Hope, ON

The United States has Roadside Attractions pretty much on every street corner. At least, that’s the way it seems. And we all love those kitschy tourist traps! But it’s especially engaging when the proprietors mix in DIY and art installments … Continue reading

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Disney-themed Wool Knit Sweaters by Jean

My mother is a very artistic woman. In the past, she wrote poetry (even publishing a compellation book called The Lady in Red, reviewed on this blog), painted, and even knitted up a storm! She knew my wife and I … Continue reading

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